Our history started in 1998 when the founder Ramaz Ghvinepadze established a company “Modern Bau” together with a famous German family of roofers ( "Dekermeister"). A centennial German roofing tradition plaid an important role in the fast track professional development of our company. With their support, our company became the first to import German roofing materials in Georgia.

Over the years the company has been developing and growing their knowledge under the supervision of German specialists. The organization was actively positioning itself in the field of construction as the first roofing company.

The development and success of "Modern Bau" became grounds for interest for American investors. From 2003, the organization established a joint company "MODERNROOFING". The financial investment helped the company develop rapidly and become a leader in roofing and waterproofing areas such as: flat and gable roofs; Terraces, waterfroofing basements and walls; roof landscaping and etc.


MODERNROOFING successfully developed business partnerships with many international and local construction companies. Our team actively cooperates with international experts and shares experiences and advice that allows us to effectively solve complex architectural or structural problems. At the same time, MODERNROOFING annually visits building exhibitions, constantly updates about current news and innovative materials, which are afterwards actively used and incorporated in professional activities. Our team is an exclusive representative of leading companies such as: BAUDER, HILLE, BRAAS, TEGOLA, GERARD, GEOMASS, FIRST and many others in the Transcaucasian region.

Our company often hosts foreign counterparts, gets informed about current news, studies and shares expertise with construction specialists. For this purpose each year it takes part in the construction exhibition BUILDING EXPO. In 2009, we prepared a handbook "roofs – loft arrangement technology“ together with a group of beginner and experienced roofing experts.

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We are proud to hold a distinguished place in the recent architectural history of Georgia, as proven by roofing such important objects as: the National Stadium, the President's Residence, The House of Parliament, the prosecutor's office, the US Embassy, ​​a chain of restaurants - McDonald's, the Olympic pool , Lisi veranda, Smart shopping facilities, the new Light, Hilton Hotel, Tegeta Motors, Omega Motors, ProCredit Bank, M² and REDIX apartment buildings, entertainment and Shopping Center East Point and etc.

Project execution brings together a lot of professionals, who know, value ​​and trust many years of experience of the company "MODERNROOFING