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All kinds of insulation



Bentoshield, same as bentonite clay carpet is used to insulate tunnels, power plants, reservoirs and pool, roof and terrace landscaping, columns, underground constructions, basements and walls. A waterproof layer is formed after installation. Bentoshield is indispensable even in case of large amount of groundwater.

Bentoshield is a unique waterproofing system specially designed to effectively cope with the challenges that are unattainable for traditional insulation systems. As a very reliable, self-recovering waterproofing system, it gives 100% guarantee for building viability.

Bentoshield contains millions of bentonite clay particles, which form a single insulating layer after interconnection. It expands 16 times in terms of dampness and water rather than in dryness. A carpet pressed in between concrete and ground forms a single thick impenetrable mass.

Its ability to expand gives possibility to rebuild concrete cracks caused by seismic events, by lending the ground and concrete.

Thermal Insulation:

Any building can be constructed so that it has a high degree of thermal insulation, which allows it to heat or cool for alower cost.

Company MODERNROOFING offers not only thermal insulation materials, but also heating residential and other buildings, we use diverse materials such as so-called "Penopolisterol" Extruded penopolisterol / XPS /, stone cotton / eg: Rockwool /, / Paroc / glass wool / eg: ISOVER / etc.

All kinds of thermal insulation materials have as characteristics of thermal insulation, as well as some kind of sound insulation.


Sound Insulation:

In the modern world the inhabitants of megalopolis appreciate resting from constant noise and rushing. Therefore, most of the residents of the city use sound insulation systems in times of apartment renovation. There are many types of sound insulation materials. There are wall, ceiling and floor sound insulation materials.

All kinds of thermal insulation materials have a heat insulation coefficient and sound insulation characteristics. But over the years the company MODERNROOFING actively implemented the worlds known sound insulation materials, such as: MORGAN, GENERAL MEMBRANE, VACUPORI, which give the best results for making environment comfortable.



Steam Insulation:


In today's world there are many types of steam insulating materials, which are used in terms of various complex conditions. MODERNROOFING uses materials of famous companies: TECHNONICOL, EUROVENT, COROTOP. They hold and sift steam generated inside the house and prevent dampness. They are used for gable roofs and walls. Ratios indicate vapor resistance figures. The higher the ratio the more Sd.