BentoShield, same as bentonite clay carpet is used to insulate tunnels, power plants, reservoirs and pool, roof and terrace landscaping, columns, underground constructions, basements and walls. A waterproof layer is formed after installation. Bentoshield is indispensable even in case of large amount of groundwater.

Bentoshield is a unique waterproofing system specially designed to effectively cope with the challenges that are unattainable for traditional insulation systems. As a very reliable, self-recovering waterproofing system, it gives 100% guarantee for building viability.

Bentoshield contains millions of bentonite clay particles, which form a single insulating layer after interconnection. It expands 16 times in terms of dampness and water rather than in dryness. A carpet pressed in between concrete and ground forms a single thick impenetrable mass.

Its ability to expand gives possibility to rebuild concrete cracks caused by seismic events, by lending the ground and concrete.