History of “Braas” begins in 1953. Natural tiles produced by the company distinguishes by excellent quality, color range and diversity of shapes. These products are produced with the use of natural materials. The company owns 17 enterprises in Germany, with more than 5,000 employees. In 2012, the company was granted an award “brand of the century”. The company “MODERNROOFING” is an exclusive partner and representative of “Braas” in Transcaucasian region.

Braas is a customer-oriented, that’s why they have created tiles in lots of shapes and colors, with relevant accessories to make your roof beautiful, comfortable and secure.

Braas is a world’s leading tile manufacturer, this innovative brand sets standards in this field. In 2016 cooperation began between giant car producer MERCEDERS and Braas, solar energy obtained from tile-shaped solar batteries will now be saved in Mercedes produced accumulators.

Why Braas? because …

• It’s the largest producer of tiles

• It defines standards

• It’s a global brand

• A century experience

• It produces complex roofing systems

• It’s constant innovation-oriented

• It’s an environmentally friendly product

•It’s the best product for this price

• Tile warrantee for at least 50 years

• German quality