Tegola shingles

Shingles – a specialy formed and cut, bitumen or bitumen-polymer materials used for gable roofs, its production started in the United States in 1901. It is also called as a “soft roof”. The surface is covered with sand-colored reflective shingles to protect from ultraviolet rays. Bitumen roof has a good thermal insulation and sound insulation characteristics. It can be used for complex architecturally designed roofs.

Shingle is a universally used product. It is successfully used on any type of surface and always retains quality. Its color is stable with respect to time. Basalt – a material that is used for the production of granulite does not absorb moisture, so it can’t be damaged. Its coloring is done in terms of ceramizing process in 650 degrees with inorganic pigments, which are also resistant to temperature and ultraviolet rays. Roofing with shingles has the following advantages: a wide range of installment, no need for additional accessories, blocks the noise of the wind or rain, does not create a condensate, a light sealing means, is distinguished by the variety of colors and shapes.